Go wild with books! – podcast 22

Hello and welcome to the Falkirk Libraries podcast with Vikki and Grant.
This episode we were wondering about the human obsession with the wilderness, and talking about the human spirit versus the elements.  All books mentioned can be found on our Library Catalogue

What we have been reading and listening to:
Vikki has been reading:
• When the Killing’s Done, T C Boyle
• Fault Lines, Doug Johnstone

Grant has been reading:
• The Stranger in the Woods, Michael Finkel

New and forthcoming adult books:
• The Choice by Edith Eger
• At Home with Dyslexia : A parent’s guide to supporting your child by Roos Sascha
• The Runner : Four Years living and running in the wilderness by Markus Torgeby
• The Knife’s Edge by Stephen Westaby
• Rival Queens: Elizabeth 1 and Mary by Kate Williams

New and forthcoming children’s titles: All Non Fiction this podcast
• My first computer coding book with ScratchJr, Rosie Dickins
• You wouldn’t want to be a Suffragette, Fiona MacDonald
• HoneyBees, Lisa J Amstutz
• DC Comics: Absolutely everything you need to know, Liz Marsham
• Seuss-isms , Dr Seuss

DVD recommendations:
• Ready Player One (12)
• A Quiet Place (15)
• Isle of Dogs (PG)

Our Reading Agony this week: I’m interested in going off grid and living wild can you suggest some books I could borrow?

Possible Ray Mears titles:
• Essential Bushcraft
• World of Survival
• Out on the land : Bushcraft Skills from the Northern Forest

Possible Bear Grylls titles:
• How to Stay Alive the Ultimate Survival Guide for any Situation
• Survival Guide Dangerous Plants
• Survival Guide Dangerous Animals
• Living Wild The Ultimate Guide to Scouting & Fieldcraft

Other possible titles:
• SAS Survival guide: How to survive in the Wild on Land or Sea, John Wiseman
• Special Forces Wilderness Survival Guide, Chris McNab
• The complete practical guide to camping, hiking and wilderness, Peter Drake
• Wild food : A Complete Guide to Foragers, Roger Philips
• Foraging : The Essential Guide To Free Wild Food, John Lewis- Stempel
• Forest School Adventure Outdoor Skills and Play for Children Naomi Walmsley

Staff quote of the day: Pass the Factor 30….? Got your Sun Hat?

Our discussion: Human endurance living in the wilderness or battling extreme terrain
Some of our suggested titles to try:
• Wild: a journey from lost to found, Cheryl Strayed
• Accidental Adventurer, Ben Fogle
• Touching the Void, Joe Simpson
• Into Thin Air, John Krakauer (film Everest based on the book)
• Tracks, Robin Davidson
• Island Wife: Living on the Edge of the Wild, Judy Fairbairns
• The Other, David Guterson
• Call of the Wild, Jack London
• The Snow Child, Ivey Eowyn
• State of Wonder, Ann Patchett
• Cormac Mccarthy, Border Trilogy, (All the pretty Horses, Border Crossing, Cities of the Plain)
• At the edge of the Orchard, Tracy Chevalier
• Barkskins, Annie Proulx

Did you know? Love the Natural World? – We have a wide variety of books for both adults and children.  From bird identifier books to titles taken from well-known television series, how to photograph the natural world or even how to knit and crochet your favourite animal or bird.
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